Will Sex Therapy Work for Us?

couple kissing

Couples are understandably often reluctant to seek sex therapy. It can be embarrassing and awkward to talk about intimate issues. It takes being open to changing what may be long-held beliefs and deeply-ingrained behaviors. And people are afraid it won’t work.

But in most cases, the couple has a lot more to gain than to lose. All they have to lose is some time, money and pride. What they can gain is a better understanding of their own desires and needs, tools for communicating more effectively, and a more conscious and caring connection with their partner.

Aren’t those things worth investing in one of the most important parts of your relationship?

Why Sex Therapy is Effective

Sex therapy focuses on the mental, physical, and social aspects of individuals and couples. Therapists address erectile dysfunction, vaginismus, difficulty reaching orgasm, mismatched libidos, infidelity, porn addiction, sexual trauma, premature ejaculation, and much more.

Sexual dysfunction and dissatisfaction are most successfully treated as couple’s issues, because in the course of therapy, people learn or remember important things about themselves, and their partners.

They learn attitudes and feelings that may underlie their sexual problems, and practical ways to address these causes.

During treatment, couples practice non-sexual behaviors that help their partner feel loved and appreciated. These behaviors often lead to better erotic encounters. It is kind of a chicken and egg thing.

In sex therapy, you are focusing on you needs, and your partner’s needs, in ways you may not have for years—or ever. You are given “homework” to reach mutually agreed-upon goals. As with any goal, if you give it a sincere effort and take the necessary steps, success is probable.

If both people are willing to put in the work and see value in enhancing the relationship, sex therapy usually works.