What Sex Therapy Can Do for Singles

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There are all kinds of reasons a single person might want to talk with a sex therapist on their own:

  • You may have questions, starting with something as basic as “how can I learn to orgasm?” A more complicated, yet frequent question is, “How can I figure out what I want in bed?” The therapist will explain everything, and help you find out what works for you.
  • You might have performance issues. A lot of people wonder if they are “good in bed.” While a proficient sex therapist can help with sexual skills confidence and provide new techniques to try, a key part of their job is to help clients see that sex is about more than performance. In therapy, you can get tips for managing anxiety and staying present during sexual encounters. These are as important—or more important—than technique.
  • You may be unsure about your sexual identity. Many of us struggle with this. A sex therapist can help you sort out your feelings and find your authentic self.
  • Someone may have made you feel ashamed of what you want in terms of sexual experience. We’re taught to hide our bodies and desires. Sex therapy can teach you how to let go of beliefs impairing your sex life. You can learn to feel comfortable with your needs and how to ask for what you want from your partner.
  • Some clients have baggage from the past that is preventing them from having a healthy sex life today. Abuse is tricky to process on your own. Even if you haven’t been sexually abused, you may have had experiences that bring up complicated feelings now. Sex therapy can help you move past these memories to sexual activity that feels enjoyable and safe.
  • Sex may be painful for you. This is extremely common for women. Sex therapy can help you find the cause–and solutions. Lube or different sexual techniques might be the answer. Or, if there are medical reasons for your pain, a sex therapist can connect you to a physical therapist or gynecologist willing to help in your search for a

Making Sex More Fun

Every professional sex therapist sees individuals and couples who wish sex was more enjoyable.

Just about everyone, even those who think their sex life is fine, can feel more present and playful in bed. Sex therapists can help.