What Are the Symptoms of Vaginismus?

Painful sex can be the first indicator for many women to know that they’re suffering from vaginismus. The severity can be mildly uncomfortable to extremely painful. The good news is that it can be treated. Other symptoms of vaginismus include discomfort when trying to insert a tampon or pain when a doctor tries to perform a pelvic exam. Some of my clients have described the pain as “a wall inside the vaginal canal” with muscle spasms to follow. About 12 to 21% of women in the U.S. suffer from pelvic pain due to vaginismus. The true data can be a bit under-reported as the surveys are limited.

How a Sex Therapist Can Help Treat Vaginismus

Although there isn’t an exact reason as to why this happens, vaginismus is treatable. Research has shown that anxiety and fear of having sexual relations is linked to the muscles tensing up inside a vagina. Along with therapy and proper treatment from a sex professional, there are various exercises a woman can do to help with the vaginal contractions. A pelvic floor therapist may be helpful. It is highly recommended to also be checked by a physician to rule out other possibilities of genital pain and discomfort.