Tips on How to Make Her Come

man and woman kissing

By this time in your adult life, you’re probably well aware that both females and males can achieve sexual climax. For some women, it might seem like a myth because some have failed to reach that so-called “orgasmic state” in their lifetime. Well, we’re here to tell you that you can definitely make her come, and she is capable of having multiple orgasms in a row.

One of biggest differences between the male and female orgasmic state of mind comes after the orgasm. The male genitalia cannot be stimulated soon after ejaculation, but the opposite applies to a female. Women’s brains are actually more responsive after the initial orgasm occurs. This means that if more stimulation occurs, then it’s possible to reach multiple orgasms. Now you may ask yourself, “does it matter if it’s a clitoral orgasm or vaginal ejaculation?”

Two Types of Female Orgasms

Most research argues that women have a G-Spot inside their vaginas. While this has never been fully proven, some women have stated that they can only orgasm with vaginal penetration. The other type of female orgasm is clitoral, which is more common. The clitoris is the main pleasure center and very sensitive. The clitoral head sits between the internal labia and runs its entire length. Stimulating this area gently is a great way to start with female masturbation. Yes, this also counts as foreplay before penetrative sex occurs. Pleasuring this gland comes with a lot of feeling and stimulation. Be patient when trying to achieve this type of female orgasm, it may take some time. Experts argue that a vaginal orgasm through penetration is actually most successful when the clitoris is also being stimulated. Thus, some sex toys have been designed with both types of stimulation in mind.

Focusing on Her Orgasm First

Stimulating the clitoris, going slow and easy, is a great way to begin foreplay when experiencing a sexual encounter. Make sure you’re both communicative about your needs and boundaries in the privacy of the bedroom. As we stated above, a female is able to orgasm multiple times. Aim for her sexual pleasure first and maybe you can help her achieve more orgasms during penetration after the first climax with various forms of stimulation. Are you shy or having trouble making her come? Talk to a sex therapist for guidance and counseling. Often, the problem with being unable to reach full climax is mental and not physical.