Signs That You’re in a Rebound Relationship

couple considering sex therapy

A romantic break up is usually an emotional rollercoaster. Depending on how amicable the parting was, break ups can be very emotional and painful. We all have to go through a painful break up at least once in our lives. But what happens when we just can’t deal with the pain? This leads us to rebound relationships. By definition, a rebound is when a person jumps into a new relationship to avoid being alone and dealing with the feelings from a previous break up. Sometimes, the rebounder knows that they’re “moving too fast” into a new relationship. Other times, they’re in plain denial and hope for the best. Either way, if you’re unsure about your new relationship status, here are some of the signs you might be in a rebound relationship.

  • The ex-boyfriend or girlfriend is always being mentioned or reminded of.
  • Your new lover fails to mention anything about the past relationship.
  • The ex-boyfriend or girlfriend is still around and is “great friends” with your new lover. They get invited to almost every occasion, including private date nights.
  • Increased co-dependency or sudden emotional dependency.
  • Substance abuse issues begin to arise. Are you both still consuming a large amount of alcohol after the first few dates? Drinking the pain away is a red flag.
  • Rebounders usually fall hard for a new interest. Do you feel rushed in this new relationship? Is the “I love you” phrase coming in suddenly and unsuspectedly?

So, Call Me Maybe?

The listed items above are only some of the signs to look for in a relationship you suspect might be a rebound. Whether you need help figuring out your own feelings or you suspect your new partner is using you as a rebound, consulting with a relationship/sex therapist is a great way to determine the situation. Not only can sex therapy be useful for an individual to achieve their own desires, but it’s also great for couple’s in committed relationships.

Surprise! You’re the Rebounder

Breaking up is hard to do. Just like that song once said. Even if you thought that not in a million years would you rebound after a harsh break up… Well, here you are. Once you realize that you’re in a rebound relationship, the next step is to figure out what is best for you and your new partner. Remember that honesty and communication is key. So, if you need “space” to figure stuff out, there’s nothing wrong about it. It might sound a little cliché, but you definitely need time alone to figure out your feelings and needs. Talking to a relationship therapist can also help you put things in perspective.