Sex Therapy and Clinical Counseling, Charlotte, NC

Kim Ronk is a professional clinical counselor and a registered nurse. She began her counseling career in 2005 at a community mental health agency in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.

This experience consisted of diagnosing and treating a variety of mental health issues. Kim opened her private practice in 2009 and has focused her work on sexual intimacy concerns with individuals and couples.

Her clients benefit from her 20-plus years of medical expertise.

Wanting to help others improve and nurture their love relationships arose from recognizing this need in her own and other relationships.

Her motivation and spirit of truly believing people can become better lovers and partners is a key for success. How we relate to ourselves and others is what makes satisfying and healthy relationships.

Sexual intimacy is a necessary and vital part of our relationships. Concerns in this area are often uncomfortable, but her understanding and easy going nature have helped her clients open up quickly.

“Is Sex Therapy For Us?”

Kim is excited to continue to grow her practice and help create healthy and satisfying intimate relationships. Couples have commented, “I didn’t think therapy would work, but it does!”

Specializing in:

  • Couples and relationships skills, including: communication, recognizing, negotiating and fulfilling own needs, connecting spiritually with partner
  • Individual Therapy: Those seeking to improve life and sexual satisfaction
  • Sex therapy: diagnosis and treatment of desire, erection, ejaculation, orgasmic, and pain disorders
  • Sexual addiction and infidelity
  • Sex and aging through the lifespan
  • Life Satisfaction: discover why you choose certain relationships and how to better your life with self growth and increased intimacy
  • Trained in EMDR: A treatment for PTSD, anxiety, traumas, and negative body image

Kim earned her BS in Nursing from The Ohio State University in 1981 and has worked as an RN in many capacities through the years.

She was a nursing instructor for nine years in Mansfield, Ohio. In 1994 she earned her MEd in Curriculum Instruction from Ashland University, and in 2001 returned to graduate school and earned her MA in Counseling from Xavier University.

Kim enjoys helping others reach their intimacy potential. She knows it is possible to have a fulfilling relationship and the effort put forth will improve all aspects of ones life.

Nutritional status and general health are assessed and referrals are made when necessary. She works collaboratively with clients and is dedicated in her career.

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