It Is Best to Seek Sex Therapy BEFORE Issues Arise

happy couple going through sex therapy

You and your partner are happy. And I am happy for you!

You both feel fulfilled, and you help each other experience fantastic, earthshaking orgasms. This is what you want! And this is what we all want for you.

I would still recommend that you meet with a sex therapist. Here’s why:

Seeing A Sex Therapist Before There Are Any Issues

A time of sexual fulfillment is actually an ideal time to pursue sex therapy. Knowing and acknowledging what works well for both of you can help guaranteed continued intimacy.

A considerable part of my work is in helping you and your partner communicate with each other. Open, frank discussion around sex, touch, and your sexual future is healthy – but these discussions are typically not easy at first. Even if you both express yourselves easily in conversation, and can discuss your desires and fantasies readily, a therapist can assist in your communication.

You Think You Know….

Oftentimes, couples think they know most everything about each other’s internal sexual worlds, and this is simply not the case.

More often, people think they know everything about their OWN internal sexual world. And sometimes there is more under the surface then they realize at first.

I am not here to suggest sexual behavior that is not right for you. I can, however, help you understand your own sense of touch in a deeper way. I can help your day-to-day interactions be more sensual and more considerate. Together, we can all set the stage for you to have an even more satisfying sexual existence, for years to come.

Sexual issues are natural for every couple. These issues can take a variety of forms. They can sneak in without either of you realizing it. Building a strong, mutually caring foundation can help you both see those possible changes before they take effect. Understanding the road ahead of you both can keep you both satisfied, and desiring each other.

The Give and Take Of Initiating Sex?

One aspect of sexual relationships is the notion of “pursuit.” Who pursues whom? Who instigates physical contact more often? Is one partner always the instigator, and the other always the pursued?

This condition is natural. One person is frequently the one initiating contact and expressing the first sexual desire. And while that person enjoys sparking the sexual fire, it is important to understand the give-and-take of this dynamic. The person being pursued loves feeling wanted — but may long for an opportunity to be the initiator.

The dynamic of pursuer and pursued is one that can change over time. It is also a dynamic that can create issues down the road if desires are not understood and expressed.

There are countless ways to express sexual desire and to initiate foreplay. There are also limitless ways to pursue excitement, and a whole range of other senses that may not factor into your sex lives yet. Being able to explore each other and explore yourselves will bring new sensual colors into your palettes. Finding new ways to stoke each other’s passions will help both of you enjoy your time together more. You will learn about yourself, learn about your partner, and learn about pleasure.

Sex Therapy While “Things Are Good”…. Is Great!

Your sexual delight is a healthy part of your life. Your partner’s happiness is clearly a priority for you, and this is a beautiful way to exist. Exploring further, and actively seeking new realms of pleasure, will only enhance and strengthen the bond you have already built.