Finding Nearby Sex Therapists

If you are grappling with issues of intimacy, you have probably already performed a online search for “sex therapists near me.” If several options came up, it’s time to do some homework:

  1. Go to their websites and see if you like the “feel” of the practices
  2. Look at the reviews. Did the reviewers go to the counselor for the same reason you plan to?
  3. Look at the therapist’s education, credentials and how long they have been in business
  4. Drive by and see if the practice looks clean and well-kept
  5. Call and ask for a short free consultation to see if you click with the counselor

Fit Matters More Than Location

You will be sharing intimate details of your sexual history and current sex life if the therapist knows their stuff. So you want someone with whom you feel comfortable (everyone is uncomfortable at first). Sex therapy is highly personal. You need to trust the therapist.

A counselor a few miles further who you like is infinitely better than one you aren’t sure about who checks the nearby sex therapist box. You can sometimes hold sessions over Zoom or the phone, so close-by sex therapists don’t have to be your only choices.

Switching Sex Therapists

If you find a great sex counselor who works nearby, but discover after two-three sessions that it is just not working out, try someone else! Trying a few couples counselors can help you hone in on what kind of help you really need, so it is not a waste of time to try several.

If a specific sex therapist was perfect for your co-worker or sister and brother-in-law, that doesn’t mean they will be right for you. Go with your gut, always. Your sexual health is too important to leave to chance!