Is My Penis Too Small? Overcoming Size Insecurities

Pop culture has put such an emphasis on penis size, anyone sporting a smaller-than average package could face a lifetime of shame and anxiety surrounding their sex life. But let’s take a moment to recognize advantages to having a less-than-massive member.

  • One: not to encourage inferiority complexes, but it is not uncommon for less-endowed men to make considerable efforts brushing up on oral-sex skills in order to compensate for equipment they fear is inadequate. Increased focus on your partner’s pleasure is never a bad thing.
  • Two: many women will tell you that riding a large penis can be painful. Grinding a small penis during intercourse, however, allows the clitoris constant contact with the man’s pelvic bone, increasing the likelihood of climaxing.

Confidence and connection more important than penis size

  • A sex therapist can help men face insecurities regarding penis size, which can often be caused by unrealistic expectations projected in porn. Many women would agree that the “motion of the ocean” is more important than the “size of the boat,” to borrow the popular phrase.
  • Being in tune with your partner and feeling confident with your sexual self are more important qualities than size. Couples therapy can help you deepen your connection with your partner, which can in turn enhance your chemistry in the bedroom as well.