Top 10 Human Male Sexuality Myths

Wonder where all these sex myths come from? They are started the minute we are born. Whether we know it or not. Whether we want it or not.

We can, however, become sexually conscious and do, think, and try something different! All that is in our power to change.

We all have sensitivities and insecurities about sex and these messages can alter our minds. The media is great at portraying the sexual messages and it is all fantasy based.

Myth1: We Are All Very Comfortable with Sex… We Are Liberated

Fact: we are not all sexually liberated and there is a lot more to “sex” then we are conscious about.

There are many stereotypes as to what is good sex, what are considered to be perfect bodies, passion that is always “on fire”, penis size and performance are never an issue, and everyone ends up feeling fulfilled.

This may even occur with people you don’t even know. Plus, its all reinforced by erotica that our society perpetuates.

In today’s society, parents are not comfortable with allowing their children to self-explore their own bodies, or to openly discuss pleasure and sex.

Families pass down information and belief systems about sex and relationships, until one gets brave enough to challenge them and reach for better and healthier beliefs.

Don’t buy into that we are all so liberated and knowledgeable about our bodies and sex; what feels good what doesn’t; or what is “normal” according to our society.

Go challenge yourself and obtain a closer more satisfying relationship with yourself and your partner.

Myth 2: Real Men Aren’t Into Feelings and Communication

Men do have trouble expressing feelings. They aren’t supposed to be comfortable or have needs around feelings, so they express through sex.

Women express themselves through verbal communication. Although, this difference leads to distance and other communication problems that are necessary for our health. These include areas of birth control and STDs. Pretty important stuff to be sharing!

Another type of misinformation is that men don’t have personal problems. Truth is they have just as many personal problems as women, including sexual ones.

So, open up guys and share your feelings. Your relationship will only benefit, and you may even have more and better sex!

Myth 3: Touching Means You Want Sex

Touching can mean different things for males and females.

Women tend to touch for the close feelings that are presently being felt, a hug for the sake of a hug. Men tend to touch for a means to an end… sexual intercourse.

This creates problems down the road for those who just want to lie close to each other and be in the moment. Pressure is than placed on the act of sex and orgasm, rather than being emotionally connected.

It also creates problems when the man has erectile dysfunction.

The next two myths relate in similar ways to the preceding myth, and myths four, five, six, and seven have to do with the male genitalia.

Myth 4: A Man is Always Ready and Wanting Sex

In most cases, sexual interest is learned. Manhood is about always being interested in having sex and never saying no.

Contrary to popular belief, men would greatly benefit from saying no when they’re not in the mood. This will not only lead to less performance problems, but more intimate moments and nurturing from our partner. This brings more intimacy into relationships and everyone needs that.

Listen to your own needs; this would require you to tap into your feelings, which can be difficult. But it’s a necessary skill for living happily ever after.

Young males are often pushed too soon into feeling like they need to have sex. Author and clinical psychologist, Bernie Zilbergeld, once said, “If you aren’t ready to talk to someone about sex, and if you aren’t ready to ask them for a back rub or a hug, you’re definitely not ready to have good sex with them.”

Myth 5: A Real Man Always Performs

Once again, society rears its ugly head on what human male sexuality should be.

It’s all about performance and men proving something to themselves and others. If the woman doesn’t get to climax, then he has failed. That’s a pretty

awful way to end such a beautiful exchange.