How to Find the Best Sex Therapist

Charlotte North Carolina

Finding a Therapist Who Can Help

Finding the best sex therapist in Charlotte North Carolina, means finding the best sex therapist for you. Everyone is different and each situation is unique. What’s most important is that you (or you and your partner if you go as a couple) feel comfortable working with the counselor. So shop around, ask for references, check credentials, and meet with a few practitioners before you make a decision.

You want someone who respects your sexual beliefs and behaviors, and can genuinely help with your situation. The best local sex therapist is the one who can help YOU.

Here are a few tips to aid your search:

Ask Questions

Tell Me About your Clients

While many psychiatrists, marriage counselors and clinical social workers can help with sexual issues, they often approach them through more generalized relationship counseling. Sex therapists have special training in methods of resolving sexual challenges. Without wasting a lot of time on tangential issues, they zero in on concerns such as desire and arousal, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, low libido and lack of sexual confidence.

How do you Define “Normal Sexual Activity?”

A good sex therapist has an open mind and does not judge with whom or how often you want to engage in your choice of mutually-satisfying sexual activities. So be open and honest about the difficulties you are facing. The right therapist will dive right in.

How do you Approach Sexual Problems?

You want someone who will methodically consider all possible sources of your problem, including nutritional, physical, mental, psychological and emotional. Once the origin(s) of the problem are found, the therapist should take into account your perspectives on them. I present a treatment plan that blends my findings with your desires and motivations for treatment.

Once a treatment plan is agreed upon, homework is assigned. Each session, we assess how things are going and what changes need to be made to the plan.

A good therapist will ask for your feedback throughout the process. If the plan isn’t working, they should be able to adapt. Stop seeing any sex therapist who will not do so.

What Do you Find Works Best for Most Couples?

If a therapist has a ready answer, beware. The best sex therapists in Charlotte have a tool kit of solutions that can be tailored to the needs of each couple. My goal is never to coerce a person who wants less sex into wanting more, for example. It is to make sexuality a satisfying part of the couple’s lives again; not just intercourse, but connection.

Should We Get Individual Therapy, Couple’s Therapy or Both?

Each person plays a role in the sexual health of a relationship. If one partner requires more direct individual work they may be referred to another therapist before couples therapy can be effective.

My process includes doing a complete sexual history with each partner before formulating a treatment plan and starting the couple’s work.

Everything that may be affecting the intimacy of the relationship is addressed. Each partner must do their own individual work, of course. Individual sessions are usually part of the therapy, although the couple is seen together for most sessions.

Make the Decision Together

Both you and your partner must be committed to the sex therapy process for it to work. You both have to trust your therapist and be willing to speak openly and honestly with him or her, and with each other. The best sex therapist in Charlotte North Carolina is the one who can understand and respect your unique situation and guide you through a solution that fits.