How Does Sex Therapy Work?

male and female couple

Sex therapy helps people build more satisfying lives. It enables intimacy and closeness, and is appropriate for anyone with a concern about their sexual health. It can also help people who want accurate information regarding relationships and sex.

A vital sex life is a circle: connection aids intimacy, which leads to better erotic encounters. These encounters foster connection, and the circle starts again.

What to Expect In Sex Therapy

While the process varies from therapist to therapist, you can expect it to go something like this:

  1. When a couple comes for sex therapy (we also work with individuals), it usually starts with the therapist talking to both people to determine a.) whether sex therapy can address their issue(s), b). if both partners are motivated to work on the problem, and c.) if the couple wants to use this specific therapist.
  2. Next, the therapist takes a sexual health history from each person individually. This gives the counselor a clear understanding of each person’s psychological and sexual development. Attitudes and beliefs about sexuality are also discussed, and in the process, the client gains confidence sharing openly with the therapist.
  3. Then the therapist synthesizes all they have learned, and at the next meeting, presents a treatment plan.
  4. Subsequent sessions are the actual therapy. A wide range of methods—all talk therapy—can be used.Usually, there is homework. You may be asked to talk about specific issues following a productive conversation template. You may also be instructed to practice new behaviors to facilitate intimacy.
  1. You report at the next session how things went, and the process continues until all parties feel the problem has been sufficiently addressed, usually 2-5 months.

You will know it is working if you have noticed progress, and feel connected to the therapist.