Female Sexuality: Are We Really Comfortable With It?

Female sexuality has many myths, misleading information, and taboos surrounding it.

Are humans really okay with their sexuality? Does everyone know what sexuality means, or are others and society deciding for us?

One of the biggest problems is that women are still uncomfortable opening up about female sexuality.

Females will respond “yes” to being comfortable with their own sexuality, only to be followed by “no” to questions such as:

  • Are you comfortable with how your body looks naked?
  • Do you openly share your body with your partner or spouse, and express which sensations feel good?
  • Are you comfortable talking with your children about sex and female genitals?

For many historical reasons, it takes females a lot longer to be comfortable with their own bodies.

Who Needs Sex Therapy?

Sex therapy can help you to discover and achieve your full female sexuality. Finally busting myths that had you convinced this is just the way things are and arm yourself with accurate sexual information.

You may be suffering from physical and psychological problems which are preventing you from experiencing true sexual satisfaction. Relating to each other in intimate fulfilling ways is difficult, if not impossible, especially when we are not clear about our own sexual wants and needs.

Often, we think we have found our soul mate, only to discover that at the end of the day we really have drifted apart and don’t seem to have anything in common.

Perhaps you’ve been doing the same thing for so long that your sex life has fallen into a rut.

Communication is the best way to improve your relationship and move into a new and exciting time of your life… for the rest of your life. How you relate to yourself and others determines intimacy and great sex.

Sexual Fantasies

Sexual fantasies increase desire, which increases sexual arousal, leading one to seek out sexual fulfillment in masturbation and engaging in sex.

Sometimes the word fantasy evokes a negative or neutral response in women. Fantasy is like daydreaming. We all dream about a new job, buying a house, having a baby, or a party we’re planning.

However, women tend to not daydream about sex. Fantasy is not discussed, let alone be presented as okay, in most families or in society.

We must learn to first be okay with thinking about sex in a positive and pleasure-producing way. Then we must experience the same with ourselves through exploration and masturbation.

Sexual fantasies are normal and are a part of sexual health. Maybe this next piece of knowledge will get you moving… Women who have sexual fantasies enjoy better sex, are more productive within their careers, and have happier marriages.

The first step is to find out what turns you on and how it most turns you on. Do you respond best to visual, auditory, touch, or a combination?

Try reading erotic romance novels, listen to them online while driving home from work, or have your partner read them to you before bedtime.

Next, explore your body and try to masturbate. Two web sites to explore are: www.goodvibes.com and www.sinclairinstitute.com.

Amazon is great resource for books on female sexuality, such as For Yourself: The Fulfillment of Female Sexuality by Lonnie Barbach.

Many women have learned to masturbate later in their adult lives and have found new ways to enjoy their bodies… you can too.

When we can become aroused first, desire often follows. Fantasies help us become aroused and put us “in the mood” for closeness and sex.

From there, being in the moment with our partners and sharing what feels good to each other completes great intimacy and sex.

Find Out More About Female Sexuality

As we age, more stimulation, both verbal and non-verbal, are necessary to keep the erotic flow going.

Check out Sex Matters for Women, by Dennis P. Sugrue, Sallie Foley, and Sally A. Kope.

If you want more information, or help with discovering your sexuality, then please contact me. I work with clients in the Charlotte, NC area.