Couples’ Therapy Advice on Moving in Together

moving boxes

For most couple’s, it seems like moving in together is a natural and easy decision to make. Although, some beg to differ. You see, conventional marriages before the 21st century rarely had this problem. Most couples moved in together only after they said their “I Do’s” at the altar and promised to be together forever… until death. It’s a pretty big commitment. Nowadays, it’s normal to live with a partner before marriage. And some couples never get married. This has served as a more comfortable way to really get to know each other and see what it’s like to be romantic roommates. It sounds like a safety option for most. So why are some people so scared to take that next step?

I’m Going to Miss My Alone Time

Some couples who seek relationship therapy are actually very happy together. They’re not in therapy because they hate each other. Instead, these healthy couples choose therapy to help them make important decisions. One of those decisions is moving in together. So, what’s one of the biggest reasons for not moving in together with a partner? Alone time. An individual may think that they’ll never be able to enjoy themselves in their own space ever again. Eating chips on the bed, watching trash TV, using the bathroom with the door open, etc. These are just a few examples. But rest assured, therapy can help with setting those ground rules for couples. Communicating your preferences for cleanliness, intimate time, alone time, etc., is very important.

Am I Going to Lose My Friends?

Some individuals are scared that they’ll never see their friends again if they decide to move in with their boyfriend or girlfriend. Others have a hard time thinking about their roommate’s opinions / relationship. Trust your gut. If you really love this person, your friends and roommates will understand that it’s time for you to move on with your relationship. As long as you’re happy and you know that this is the next step towards your relationship goals… then more power to you!

Last Piece of Advice

Stay true to yourself and communicate with your partner. If you really hate that old lamp shade in the living room corner, tell them! If you want to split house chores 50/50, make a plan you both can agree on. And lastly, enjoy yourselves and your privacy!