Call the Sex Therapist: Why It May Be Time


Why do people consult a sex therapist? You might be surprised at the breadth of issues we address. In my practice, I see couples and individuals for diagnosis and treatment of the following:

Relationships skills:

  • Communication: I teach communication techniques along with ways to improve your emotional connection, which naturally leads to better communication
  • Recognizing, negotiating and fulfilling your own needs: Both people need to feel loved and appreciated for the partnership to work, in bed and out
  • Connecting spiritually with your partner: I help people move beyond the physical when it comes to intimacy; it can be fulfilling on many different levels

Individual therapy:

  • To improve life and sexual satisfaction: even those not in a committed relationship can improve their lives through a healthier attitude toward their own sexuality, relationships and intimacy

Sex therapy:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of desire, arousal, erection, ejaculation, orgasm and pain disorders: these problems are often complex. We can get to the root and find the solution

Out of control sexual behavior and infidelity:

Both lead to the disintegration of relationships. Sex therapy can get to the bottom of why these behaviors are occurring.

Sex and aging through the lifespan

Life satisfaction:

  • Discovery of why you choose certain relationships and how to better your life with self growth and increased intimacy

PTSD, sex anxiety, traumas, and negative body image

I also deal with relationship breakups and rebound relationships, codependent relationships, creating or re-establishing trust in relationships, separation and divorce issues, and toxic relationships.

In short, if your problem has to do with the mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual aspect of intimacy, chances are I can help.

If the problem is physical, I may refer you to another health care professional. But often, physical problems such as low libido, arousal or orgasm difficulties, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction have emotional components as well. I can help with those.

Here are some questions people often have about seeing a sex therapist:

“What if my issue is embarrassing to talk about?”

My purpose is to meet you where you are and take you where you want to go in your relationship. There is no such thing as an embarrassing issue in the privacy of my office.

“What if my spouse won’t come to therapy?”

Come alone. We can make a good start and when your spouse sees the progress you are making, they may be moved to join us.

“We haven’t had sex in years. Is there hope for us?”

The number of couples with sexual dysfunction has increased, and of special concern is the number of relationships that are non-sexual.

Sex is a physical bonding that keeps a marriage or relationship from becoming a roommate situation. Couples find sex a shared pleasure, fun, a stress reducer, and a way to increase intimacy.

If you haven’t had sex in months or even years, couples sex therapy can help. It is about helping the couple make sexuality a part of their lives again. Not just intercourse, but closeness.

This closeness leads to good connection, which leads to better erotic encounters, including intercourse.

The Sex Therapy Process

I meet with couples together first, to assess if sex therapy is the best place for them to address their concerns, and if I am a fit for them as well.

Next I meet with each individually and obtain a sexual health history. These are conducted to get a clear, uncensored view of their relational, psychological and sexual development.

We discuss attitudes and beliefs about their sexuality. They tell me about their past dating experiences. This allows the person as well to get comfortable with sharing.

The next meeting is together with the couple and a treatment plan is presented. This is a collaboration of my findings and the couple’s desire and motivation for treatment.

The Result

The effort put forth to improve your sex life will improve all aspects of your life. Nutritional status and general health are part of my assessment and referrals are made when necessary.

Improve your relationship and your life. Give me a call or setup an appointment online through the online contact form.