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Relationships & Sex Therapy

A Different Approach

Kim earned her BS in Nursing from The Ohio State University in 1981 and has worked as an RN in many capacities through the years. Today, she specializes in sex therapy and couples counseling in Charlotte, North Carolina.

She was a nursing instructor for nine years in Mansfield, Ohio. In 1994, Kim earned her MEd in Curriculum Instruction from Ashland University, and in 2001 returned to graduate school where she earned her MA in Counseling from Xavier University.

Kim enjoys helping others reach their intimacy potential. She knows it is possible to have a fulfilling relationship and the effort put forth will improve all aspects of one’s life. When dealing with couples therapy, nutritional status and general health are assessed, and referrals are made when necessary. She works collaboratively with clients of all backgrounds and is dedicated in her career as a sex therapist and counselor.

Kim Ronk – Sex Therapist In Charlotte, NC

A registered nurse, clinical counselor and sex therapy specialist, Kim can help you and your partner have a happier, more fulfilling relationship. Before you consider seeking help for your sex dysfunction or relationship issues, you might be wondering what a sex therapist can do for you, and whether therapy can be of help?

Is Couples Therapy For Us?

Wondering whether couples therapy can help you? Rest reassured; no matter how hopeless a situation seems, sex therapy and couples counseling is often a major step forward in repairing a relationship. Every little bit helps.

There is still sometimes a social stigma attached to sex therapy and couples counseling. Other times, the big hurdle is to get over admitting there’s a problem in the relationship. No therapist can help if you can’t reach that conclusion.

It takes at least one person in a relationship to recognize an issue before any progress can be made. Intimacy fears, many sexual myths, and misinformation are common and cause sexual issues within the relationship.

Individuals and couples grow and oftentimes relearn sexual behaviors and become educated regarding healthy sexual beliefs. Contact me here in Charlotte to find out more about sex therapy and marriage/relationship counseling help near you.

Sex and Relationship Therapists Can Help

Sex therapy is appropriate for anyone experiencing a problem with their sexual health and for those who want accurate information regarding relationships and sex. Physical and emotional problems can create a circular chain of events. Anxiety from not getting an erection one time causes the erection to fail more in the future.

In this case it is not a problem with the physical “working” of the penis, it is an emotional cause where therapy is your answer.

Medical assessment and treatment are warranted at times. A multi-system approach is utilized with every client. This assures that the best treatment will be provided.

Examples of problems that are treated in my practice are:

  • Male and female sexual arousal issues
  • Male and female desire issues
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Low libido
  • Vaginismus
  • Genital pelvic pain
  • Sex addiction
  • Seeking infidelity help
  • Masturbation and depression
  • Sexual anxiety
  • Sexual trauma
  • Asexuality and relationship
  • Lack of sexual confidence
  • Relationship breakup and rebound relationships
  • Codependent relationships
  • Creating or re-establishing trust in relationships
  • Coping with a sexless marriage
  • Improving marriage communication
  • Separation and divorce issues
  • Toxic relationships


If your particular issue is not listed above, then don’t worry. The simplest way to find out whether I can help is to contact me. I guarantee confidentiality for all my potential and current clients.

I Want To Get Help, But My Partner Won’t

It is absolutely normal for one person in a relationship or marriage to be in denial about a problem, and for their partner to seek help alone.

If this describes your situation, then don’t wait forever for your partner to change their minds.

Contact me right away. The path to opening up a dialog with your partner about couples counseling or marriage therapy may come from them seeing the progress you are making on your own.

One thing’s for sure, the problem is not going to get better by itself. Sexual problems do not remain status quo, unfortunately they get worse. Know this as you are here looking for help.

Many sexual issues seem insurmountable. Don’t live your life unhappy. I’m here to help.

Kim Ronk
Charlotte, NC

The Emphasis

Couples and Relationship Skills

Communication, recognizing, negotiating and fulfilling own needs, connecting spiritually with a partner.

Sex Therapy

Diagnosis and treatment of desire, erection, ejaculation, orgasmic, and pain disorders.

Mindfulness and Relaxation

Necessary for great sex and a healthy life.

Nutrition and Sexual Health

Healthy food choices do affect our bodies and sexual health.

Sexual Addiction, Infidelity

Both lead to disintegration of relationships. Get to the root of why this is occurring. A marriage may be able to survive this.

Sex and Aging Through The Lifespan

How to embrace the psychological and physiological changes with the aging process. This includes the sex organs.

Life Satisfaction

Discover why you choose certain relationships and how to better your life with self-growth and increased intimacy.